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Mobile Shelving

  • Ideal for archiving of files and documents

  • High density office storage, excellent floor area utilization

  • Frames and shelves mounted onto mobile bases running on floor rails, manually or electrically

  • System eliminates the requirement for multiple working aisles

  • 90% higher storage capacity when compared to conventional shelving systems

  • Excellent accessibility

  • Ability to equip system with different accessories; drawers, hanging folders and lockable cabinets

  • Good product protection and security

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Rotating Storage & Filing Systems

  • Ideal for confined spaces

  • Automated carousel system by which the requested tray is brought to the resource’s consultation area along the shortest path

  • High throughput speed

  • Goods-to-man system; eliminating operator travel

  • Enhanced picking accuracy

  • Ergonomic workstation ensuring a healthy work environment

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  • Excellent space utilization, taking advantage of the structure’s vertical height

  • Easily customizable to cater for specific storage applications due to an extensive range of accessories for; extractable drawers, boxes for cards, folder accessories, double shelves with plastic boxes, vertical separators, etc.

  • Suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical, textile, banking, government and hospitality sectors

  • Ideal for temperature controlled storage, as only the unit itself needs to be cooled

  • Excellent product protection and security